Network Diagram

Network Diagram

Grapl Services - main pipeline

Unless otherwise specified, the input to a service is the output of the one described above it.

Graph Generator

Input: Event logs (e.g. sysmon logs, osquery logs, Cloudtrail logs) from the customer’s S3 bucket.

Work: Turns these events into a standalone subgraph, independent of existing Dgraph state.

Output: Stores the subgraph to S3 for Node Identifier.

Node Identifier

Work: Identifies nodes in the incoming subgraph against the canonical identities of nodes in DynamoDB. The incoming nodes may be new, or they may represent something already known in the master graph.

For instance, an incoming subgraph may refer to a process {PID:1234, name: "coolthing.exe", started at 1:00AM}; it’s possible that Dgraph already has a node representing this exact same process. We’d like to de-duplicate this process node.

Output: TODO

Graph Merger

Work: Write the new edges and nodes from Node Identifier to Dgraph.

Output: TODO (it looks like exactly the same as node identifier’s output, just re-encoded?)

Engagement Creator

Work: Simply appends the risks and lenses described in its input to Dgraph.

Output: Nothing is written to S3; the desired output is a mutation to Dgraph.

Other services

Metric Forwarder

Input: This services receives stdout from other lambdas via Cloudwatch Logs. We subscribe only to logs that contain the reserved keyword MONITORING|.

Work: Metric Forwarder parses these log lines - which are statsd serialized metrics - and forwards them to Cloudwatch as metrics.

Model Plugin Deployer


Engagement View (aka UX)

Provides the main customer interaction with Grapl. This is not actually a standalone service, but hosted as static assets inside Grapl Web UI.

Graphql Endpoint

Graphql interface into our Dgraph database.

Grapl Web UI

Provides authn/authz functions, and acts as a router to other services:

  • Graphql Endpoint (/graphqlEndpoint)

  • Model Plugin Deployer (current undergoing rewrite)

Also, hosts static assets like Engagement View.